How to Create a Chromium-based Fullscreen Browser in SiteKiosk 8.9

In SiteKiosk 8.9 we introduced a Chromium-based browser engine for rendering content. In that version of SiteKiosk the engine is limited to the Start Screen start page skin. Full Chromium browser engine support is planed for SiteKiosk 9.0 coming in 2015, therefore the follwing instructions only apply to SiteKiosk 8.9.

Using Chromium will enhance the browser experience which is evident in the new Start Screen start page skin. With a few lines of code you can convert the Start Screen into a fullscreen browser to for example make use of the enhanced touch screen features for you own web page. This can be useful for an information or self-service kiosk terminal where no browser toolbar is required. Here are the required steps:

1) Install SiteKiosk 8.9.
2) Start the configuration editor and switch to the Start Page & Browser options.
3) Choose the new Start Screen and press the Customize button.
4) Open the configuration editor of the Start Screen from the next dialog.
5) Choose Template 3 in the dropdown at the top of the editor.
6) Click on the Settings button in the toolbar of the editor.
7) Switch to the Background page and select HTML instead of the default Video selection.
Add the following HTML code:

<script> = "";

The URL can of course be replaced by whatever you prefer. You may change the background color if you like at the top of the Background options page. Accept the changes by pressing the OK button.
8) Save the settings in the Start Screen editor.
9) Save the SiteKiosk configuration.
10) Start SiteKiosk.

Now your website is displayed in fullscreen mode in the new Chromium-based browser engine of SiteKiosk 8.9.

Please note the there are a number of limitations as the current use of the Chromium engine in SiteKiosk 8.9 is only intended for the Start Screen. For example there are no error pages if you surf to a non-existent page, you will then see just a blank page. So make sure you test this customization thoroughly in case you actually plan to deploy it.