Enabling Single Sign On with Azure Active Directory in SiteKiosk Online Windows

As of SiteKiosk Online version 1.4, Single Sign On with Azure Active Directory (for SiteKiosk Online Clients for Windows) is enabled by default. If you need this form of modern authentication in your kiosk project and are using a previous version, you can activate it in your SiteKiosk Online team as follows:

Just login to your team, click on Projects in the menu on the left side. Create a project or select an existing one. At the top click on Settings and choose Client from the dropdown. Click on Advanced and press the Add setting button. In the Path field type:


Now tick the box under Value.

Single sign on with Azure Active Directory is now available in Webpage elements for this project on SiteKiosk Online Windows clients.

Please note that classic single sign on based on standard Active Directory is a built-in feature of the Electron framework that SiteKiosk Online uses.