Compatibility Issue with SiteKiosk and IE10 on Windows 7 Resolved

We just released SiteKiosk 8.7 which fixes a bug that occurs when SiteKiosk is used on a Windows 7 system with Internet Explorer 10. Under the restricted SiteKiosk user the SiteKiosk browser may not be able to start properly because of problems with the new Webcache folder introduced by IE10.

You can download SiteKiosk 8.7 from here.

A list of all new features and bug fixes can be found here.


It is recommended to upgrade to SiteKiosk 8.7. Users who for whatever reason do not want to upgrade should not install Internet Explorer 10 on Windows 7 systems. Microsoft provides a toolkit to prevent systems from automatically receiving the IE10:


People who are already affected and experience a loop during SiteKiosk startup can use the instructions from this FAQ to reset the system:


Please note that Windows 8 with IE10 was not affected.