How to Use SiteRemote to License Your SiteKiosk Android Devices

Of course you can always apply your SiteKiosk Android license to each of your devices manually by using the configuration editor. But to spare you some repetitive work or even the trip to the device, you can easily use the Job feature of SiteRemote to remotely apply a license to your SiteKiosk Android devices. This can be a device that is previously not licensed or one that you want to change the license on.

Note that you need the SiteKiosk Android version you can get from our website and not the SiteKiosk Android Lite version from the Google Play Store.

First you have to login to your SiteRemote team. Then you select the SiteKiosk tab and choose Jobs from the submenu. On the next page you choose to create a new job. Make sure to use "SiteKiosk Android" as the client type and "Execute Script" as the action type. Choose the other options to your liking and then click on the Add button next to "Execute Script". Now add the following code lines as the script:

siteKiosk.license.registerLicense("AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC", function (data) {
    siteKiosk.siteRemote.scriptJob.finish(0, JSON.stringify(data));

Of course you need to replace AAAAA-BBBBB-CCCCC with the actual license code you received from PROVISIO. Make sure to enable the checkbox "Script requires SiteKiosk Object", otherwise the job will return an error.

In order for the client to use the license, SiteKiosk needs to be restarted. You can do this for example as a second job step by choosing the "SiteKiosk Command" option under action type and then select the Restart.

Finally assign the job to one or more devices you want to apply your SiteKiosk Android license to.