Using the System Team to Create System Job Templates on a SiteRemote Server

While using a SiteRemote team, either on or on your own SiteRemote Server, you may have noticed that you will see different types of job templates under the SiteKiosk -> Jobs tab. There are system and team job templates. By default only system job templates are available, team job templates are created by a user of a team and will be added to the list of available system templates.

The existing system templates cover a number of useful tasks and are the same for every team on a SiteRemote Server. They are included in the SiteRemote Server installer.

If you run your own SiteRemote Server with a Business Edition license, that allows you to create multiple teams, you can create system job templates yourself. This makes it easy to assign often used  job templates not only to one but all teams on your SiteRemote Server, without the hassle of creating the same job separately for each team.

Customers with a Personal Edition license can only use one other team besides the System Team, therefore it does not make sense for them to create system job templates.

System job templates are part of the System Team. To log in to the System Team on your SiteRemote Server go to the SiteRemote Server Administration website and select the Teams tab. First in the list on that page with an ID of 0 is the System Team. Under the Users column click on the Show link and on the following page use Impersonate for the SystemUser to enter the System Team.

After the log-in to the System Team go to the SiteKiosk -> Jobs tab and create a new job template. That process is the same as if you would create a new job template under a normal team and is described in the SiteRemote documentation here. After the template has been created and saved under the System Team it will automatically show up under all other teams on the same server as a new sytem job template.

Please note that creating a system job template is the only reason you should ever be required to login to the System Team. The System Team should not be used for any other purposes. It is required for general background tasks that are automatically conducted by the SiteRemote Server itself.

If you are a customer who is utilizing our SiteRemote Dedicated Server option you can contact PROVISIO so we can create a new system job template for you.