Changing the Date and Time Format in Chrome Browser of SiteKiosk Windows

When using English as the language setting for the Chrome Browser of SiteKiosk Windows the time is shown in AM/PM format and the date is shown as Month/Day/Year. To change that a quick file edit can be done.

Open the file ..\SiteKiosk\Skins\Chrome_NG_Skin\TrayWnd.html with an editor, e.g. Notepad. Look for these lines:

} else {
	// US
	curDateStr = "" + (curDate.getHours() > 12 ? utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getHours() - 12) : utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getHours()));
	curDateStr += ":" + utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getMinutes(), true);
	curDateStr += (curDate.getHours() >= 12 ? " PM" : " AM");
	curDateStr += "<br />"+utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getMonth()+1)+"/"+utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getDate())+"/"+utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getFullYear());

Change the code to:

} else {
	curDateStr = utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getHours()) + ":" + utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getMinutes(), true);
	curDateStr += "<br />"+utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getDate())+"/"+utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getMonth()+1)+"/"+utils.ensureTrailing0(curDate.getFullYear());

The first line displays the time, the second is the date. Both are assigned to the same variable by way of string concatenation. The string basically contains html code to display the time and date section. Feel free to make changes as you wish.

The above example will change the time and date display to this: