Solutions to Fix the Compatibility Issue with SiteKiosk and IE10 on Windows 7

The compatibility issue that affected SiteKiosk versions 7.1 to 8.6 under Windows 7 systems with Internet Explorer 10 (Windows 8 systems are not affected) has been fixed in SiteKiosk version 8.7 and higher. The recommended solution to the problem is therefore to update SiteKiosk to at least version 8.7. This update is free for all users that already run a previous version 8 of SiteKiosk and for all customers with SiteKiosk 7.8 that have bought their license since August 2011.

Customers who cannot or do not want to update to SiteKiosk 8.7 or higher can use the following solutions to fix the problem:

  1. 1) Download the small fix we provide here on our website and then just run the executable.

    You can also run the fix silently via the command line if you use the /s parameter (IE10patch.exe /s).

    NOTE: User who are running SiteKiosk 7.1 under Windows 7 64Bit systems need to update to at least SiteKiosk 7.5 before applying the fix.

  2. 2) The second solution is available for all users who use to remotely manage their kiosks or use their own SiteRemote server. When you log in to your team on and go to the Jobs tab you will find a new system job template named Windows 7 IE 10 Fix. Apply this job to your Windows 7 terminals, make sure to read the job description first.
    The following only applies to customers who run their own SiteRemote server. Customers with their own SiteRemote server can create the above job template themselves. Under a team on the SiteRemote server go to the Jobs tab and at the bottom of the page click on the New Template button. Use a job name and description as desired and set the client type to SiteKiosk. Select File Upload as action type and click on Add. Upload the win7ie10fix.js from this zip archive and use %SiteKioskPath%\ as destination path. Make sure to select to overwrite existing files. Next select Run Executable as action type and click Add again to create a second job step. Use wscript.exe "%SiteKioskPath%\win7ie10fix.js" as the command line. Select Visible execution with user rights. As an optional step you can select Evaluate the process's exit code, set the value to 0 and use completed successfully. Save the job template and assign it your Windows 7 machines.


People who are already affected and experience a loop during SiteKiosk startup can use the instructions from this FAQ to reset the system: