Using the Expert Mode of the SiteCaster Editor

The SiteCaster Editor comes with an expert mode, that allows you to edit settings beyond their default value range. This gives you the opportunity to customize your projects to match very specific requirements. Feel free to experiment with this mode, but be aware that changing values beyond their default range is outside of the scope of our free support.

To enter the expert mode open a project to view the project page. Now click the address bar of your browser and append &expert to the URL. Make sure you place it at the very end of the URL and then press enter to open the expert mode.

Next select the element you want to customize. In our example we want to adjust the font size and the font family of the Time/Date element. To do that, click on the new advanced edit button you will see in the toolbar after entering the expert mode.

After clicking the button you will see a list of all properties of the selected element in the inspector. In the list you will find the dateFontFamily and dateFontSize properties. Use the drop-down of the dateFontFamily property to select String and type in the font family of your liking into the text field. For the dateFontSize property select Number from the dropdown and then type in the pixel value you want to choose. Click on the Save button after you are done to apply the changed values.

To give you an idea of the advanced possibilities you get from choosing the expert mode here is a view of the default options you have for the Time/Date element.

 As you can see the default element will cover the needs of most users but when using the expert mode you can change the properties to whatever you like.