Manipulating the DOM within the SiteKiosk Windows Chrome Browser

Editing the DOM of a website displayed in the Chrome Browser of SiteKiosk Windows (please have a look here for the Internet Explorer browser of SiteKiosk) can be easily achieved by adding the DOM manipulation script to the file C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\SiteKioskNG\assets\customScriptExtension.js.

The file is empty be default and will be executed for every webpage displayed in the Chrome Browser of SiteKiosk Windows. You should therefore make sure to add script code to identify the page you want to manipulate.

The DOM manipulation does not require SiteKiosk specific script code. Plain Javascript can be used.

The following example code edits the main search page of Google to include SiteKiosk as the search term and to change the text of the Search button to "Search for SiteKiosk". Note that the code already does a basic check, if the website is a Google website before it executes the rest of the Javascript code.

if (document.URL.indexOf("") !== -1) {
	document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', documentLoadedFunc);

function documentLoadedFunc(e) {
	document.getElementsByName('q').item(0).value = "SiteKiosk";
	document.getElementsByName('btnK').item(1).value = "Search for SiteKiosk";

Just copy and paste the above example script to the file C:\Program Files (x86)\SiteKiosk\SiteKioskNG\assets\customScriptExtension.js and then start SiteKiosk with a basic configuration file. Open The result of the example DOM manipulation will look like this:

Note that when using the above example you should make sure to take care of local laws, ownership rights, copyright etc. Also note that the above example only works as long as Google does not change the code of their page.